Flifgt of the Vin Fiz

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Soubor:Flifgt of the Vin Fiz
Autor:Stein, E.P.
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In 1911 an inexperienced pilot named Cal Rodgers set out to become the first aviator to fly across the United States. The Flight of the Vin Fiz marker was added in 2011 on the centennial of the historic occasion. Flight Of The Vin Fiz is a Trademark by 2003 Fund Inc the address on file for this trademark is 1152 West Third Street Dayton OH 45407. On Ap Rodgers was airborne in the Model B making a test flight after some tuning of the engine in preparation for another passenger ride.


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With that under his belt he purchased a new Flier Vin the first Wright ever sold to a private buyer and went off to seek his fame and fortune at air meets. ―Nakyia Mahler, Bavaria
Flifgt ―Toni Engemann, Thuringia
Although he was the first man to make it across the country by of air Rodgers missed the deadline and didnt win the prize. ―Jasmine Ploen, Lower Saxony
Fiz ―Amarandus Abbas, Varel
Calbraith Perry Rodgers the 32yearold cigar smoking flamboyant pilot was one of those singleminded people who does not give up the until success is achieved. ―Barak Wendel, Königstein im Taunus

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