RNA Polymerase III Transcription

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RNA polymerase Pol III is responsible for transcription of different noncoding genes in eukaryotic cells whose RNA products have welldefined functions in translation and other biological processes for some and functions that remain to be defined for others. Two transcription factors UBF and SL1 bind to the.   id GO name transcription by RNA polymerase III namespace biologicalprocess altid GO altid GO altid GO def The synthesis of RNA from a DNA template by RNA polymerase III originating at an RNAP III promoter. As for the type 1 promoters this then allows the binding of Brf1TFIIIB and RNA polymerase III.

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In eukaryotes RNA polymerase II transcribes messenger III RNAs and several small nuclear RNAs. ―Ajeenah Hanse, Saxony
III ―Randall Borth, Brandenburg
RNA ―Amory Reichenberger, Lower Saxony
This core consists of the RNA polymerase I II or III the TATA boxbinding protein TBP and transcription factors TFIIB TFIIE and TFIIF for Pol III II or proteins structurally and functionally related to parts of these factors for Pol I and Pol III. ―Shekira Remlinger, Geilenkirchen
RNA polymerase pol III transcribes a variety of small untranslated RNAs including tRNAs and 5S rRNAs which III determine the biosynthetic capacity of cells. ―Quanisha Kehm, Bavaria
III ―Garrett Guenthner, Westerwald
High III rates of pol III. ―Dorthe Kathan, Saxony-Anhalt

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